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Powder Puff Event: Best Skincare Products

Powder Puff Event: Best Skincare Products

best skincare products

Best skincare products. Welcome to the second installment of the Powder Puff treats skincare review. As you know I was really impressed by the hair products and am already using the full size bottles. Next up we have primer, eye serum and face cream!

best skincare products

First is Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer – Radiance . I don’t usually wear primer because I find that it  just feels too heavy on my skin. With face cream and SPF and foundation, it’s just too much. After having used this for the past few weeks I hang my head in shame. Okay I get it. I know why everyone swears by a good primer and this one is fabulous. I just need the smallest amount to cover my whole face. I was really surprised to find that a hint of the shimmer seeps through my foundation and gives me a wonderful all over glow. Also, in the summer, I can use it as a highlighter over top of my makeup. This is not the primer for a matte look but if you are looking for a dewy fresh finish then I can definitely recommend it.

best skincare products

Next is the Regenessence, Eye Rejuvenating serum from Giorgio Armani. I’m really happy I got two samples because this is a great cream. It’s very light and has an immediate cooling sensation around my eyes. I might have to start saving up….or maybe I’ll just make friends with the girls at the counter.

best skincare products

Last but certainly not least is Creme de La Mer face cream.  Alright so I admit that did not know that you need to warm this up in your hands before applying. I might be the last person on earth who didn’t  know this and  the first time I applied it, the cream felt just awful on my face. Shocked, I decided this was impossible. There is way too much hype around this cream. All the stars use it and it’s a miracle cream developed by an aerospace physicist. No I just had to try again. After a little research I learned that you need to rub the cream gently between your fingers….. Now I have a problem because I love it. Although I hear that it lasts a very long time, I might need to get a second job.

Stay tuned for installment number 3 where I will take a look at some really great lipsticks!

What’s on your list of the best skincare products!

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