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Florist: A Vision of Colour


As soon as I walked into this shop I just knew that today it had to take center stage. I’ve posted that I love fresh flowers but this afternoon I was completely overwhelmed by the colours, textures and wonderful scents. In all fairness I should add that they were re-paving the road right outside Divine Vines when I went in and the stench of asphalt was overpowering. I think it just intensified all the beauty surrounding me!


Florist. I’ve been seeing so many gorgeous floral prints on the runways and in the stores recently and flowers like these just have to be the inspiration! Spend a few minutes looking at the colour, notice the shape and texture of the petals. Nature never ceases to amaze me. How can you not smile when you see such beauty?


Wherever I am I always try to find a great florist. Someone with a true artist’s eye, who can put together beautiful and fragrant creations. A gorgeous flower can brighten any day, any room and any mood. This shop is my favourite one here in Yaletown. The flowers are so colourful and they stay fresh for ages. The staff is so knowledgeable that it’s always a pleasure to walk in.


Also, this florist makes my favourite type of bouquet. I looked it up and apparently I like either a posy or nosegay style of bouquet. Now that I’m thinking about it of course there must be dozens of types, but who knew? Well new found knowledge is a bonus because now I can ask for them by name. Essentially they are smaller bouquets where the flowers are all cut to the same length. Generally they are very colourful and dense. I love them because they remind me of a colourful burst of sunshine.

I leave you today with one last picture, just because I couldn’t resist!


Do you have a favourite florist?

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