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Shiseido Sun Protection Stick

shiseido sun protection stick

Shiseido Sun Protection Stick. The sun is shining and Vancouver is slowly turning pink. In a matter of a few short weeks entire streets will be flooded in a haze of cherry blossoms. It’s really one of the most beautiful times of the year.

shiseido sun protection stick

It’s always around now that my pilgrimage for sunscreen begins. I’m not that picky with what goes on my body but for my face, it has been an endless struggle to find something appropriate. Actually that last statement isn’t quite true. Several years ago I was happily using Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation in translucent until I was suddenly informed that it was discontinued. Yes that dreaded word, discontinued. So for the past few years I’ve been trying them all, from high end Chanel to affordable drugstore brands but nothing was a decent replacement. Everything felt too heavy on my face. I have pale skin and therefore sunscreen in the summer is an absolute must. I have combination skin but it tends to get oily in the summer and this is one of the few sunscreens that doesn’t make me break out.

Now to be fair Shiseido still had their tinted sun stick but on me the colours looked awful. So you can imagine my joy when in Amsterdam, at the duty free shop, I found it! The sales lady thought I was crazy as I quickly stocked up. I love this product, it goes on very smoothly and I can barely feel it on my face. It also acts like a primer and I can apply my foundation right over it.  In the summer all I need is a very light moisturizing foundation and I’m set for the day.

shiseido sun protection stick

I guess if I have to fly to Amsterdam for sunscreen every few months it can be arranged.

For now I’m off to enjoy the sun!

Have you ever tried the Shiseido Sun Protection Stick? What’s your favourite sunscreen?

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