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Why Do We Focus On Weight

Why Do We Focus On Weight

Why do we focus on weight. Recently I was attending a family get together when some people commented that I looked great and that I had really slimmed down. For the record, I hadn’t lost a single pound since the last time I had seen them (okay maybe 2 or 3, but nothing anyone would actually notice).
I was, however, wearing a flattering outfit with heels and I was feeling very good about myself that day.
What really struck me is how annoyed I was at their comments. Not a single person said I looked happy or confident or that my posture was great or that they really liked my outfit. No, it was all about my weight.
I’m wondering how we can possibly adopt healthy body images and have a healthy relationship with food and exercise when all that seems to matter is a number.

why do we focus on weight


Those numbers! Now, of course, I weigh myself but I do it mainly to keep an eye on roughly where my weight is. I know that it can fluctuate over the course of the month. It can be as simple as eating something with more salt or drinking more water as both can affect that number. I start to pay closer attention when the number goes up and stays that way for a few days. There is, however, a good argument as to why you shouldn’t weigh yourself:

  • Your measurements count more than the overall number
  • Numbers sometimes lie and aren’t always that accurate
  • Muscle and fat are definitely not equals
  • It’s easy to get discouraged

You know the term skinny fat? Well, that is how we should be thinking because in the end, it’s the amount of fat that you have on your body that matters and not the number that you see on the scale. Remember, although we’ve all probably heard crazy stories of drastic and sudden weight loss, your fitness goals should be long term and not dependent on a single number because it is just one of many indicators. For the full article, read: WHY YOU SHOULDN’T WEIGH YOURSELF

Chances are that you are going to do a good enough job convincing yourself that you aren’t thin enough or fit enough or good enough, so the way I see it is that the key is to keeping others out of your head. Most of the relatives in my story, at one time or another, tried really hard (and even gone on to argue) to convince me to eat something because of course they knew better.

why do we focus on weight

Providing that you are healthy, there are some things you should remember when friends and family are trying to derail you.

  • They might feel bad about themselves and are projecting that onto you
  • They don’t want your dynamic to change
  • They don’t understand the small/everyday choices that you are making

Your Reaction Should Be:

  • Remember that it’s your body and therefore your decision
  • Don’t talk about diet when there’s food around and especially not over a meal
  • Plan ahead so that you aren’t tempted to overeat
  • Never defend yourself, most people won’t listen anyway and there’s no point in getting worked up

Remember that generally, your friends and family want you to succeed, but they are dealing with all of their emotions and insecurities and they may not be able to even vocalize them properly. Don’t get angry (although annoyed is okay), don’t argue, pre-plan your answers and just focus on yourself. For the full article read: HOW TO STICK WITH YOUR DIET WHEN NO ONE WANTS YOU TO

Now that you are starting to learn how to deal with outside influences, it’s time to start projecting confidence. It may not happen at once but the more you fake it, the quicker it will actually start to be true.

  • Keep a journal where you jot down all the stuff you love about yourself
  • Pamper yourself (even if it’s something small) as often as you can
  • Wear clothing that fits and shows off your shape
  • Surround yourself with beautiful things that make you feel special
  • Actively look for inspiration
  • Get those endorphins going by moving as much as you can
  • Give yourself a break, you are after all human

If you adopt these healthy behaviours, you’ll find yourself feeling better about yourself in no time. It’s about focusing on the positive, accepting the negative and always moving forward. For the full article, read: HOW TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR BODY

I think that, as a society, we really need to start shifting our mindset when complementing each other. It shouldn’t be about weight loss but rather about looking good. If someone loses a big amount of weight they should absolutely be congratulated and encouraged, but it shouldn’t be the main focus. We all come in different shapes and sizes and being healthy is far more important than a number that shows up on a scale.

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