Ready to finally get fit, lose weight and feel awesome without having to live in a gym or give up the foods you love?


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This book is meant to be a starting point, a roadmap and a motivational booster when you feel your enthusiasm waning. In its pages, you will find:

  • Getting and staying motivated.
  • How to feel confident going into any gym.
  • Detailed descriptions of the most effective exercises and stretches including a six day total body workout plan and three 20 minute workouts.
  • How to think about food and eat healthy without stressing.
  • How to speed up weight loss.
  • Answers to your questions and common diet and fitness myths debunked.
  • How to choose the best running shoes and workout clothes.
  • BONUS: “Couch to 30 Minute Run” Guide.
  • BONUS: “Ab Buster” Workout Guide.

A $100 VALUE FOR ONLY $2.99

"Caroline's book is a great guide on  how to reach your fitness goals. She gives plenty of tips on how to stick to your routine and how to keep your motivation up. She shares plenty of clever ideas on how overcome moments of weakness  and how to stick to your goals. I read her book front to back and learned everything I need to start a healthier life. And I still keep on coming back to it when I need some motivation or some inspiration for exercises and health tips."

- Monika Giemela, Dancer

Most people just do the bare minimum when it comes to physical activity, but there are many great reasons to start exercising in earnest. I'm not talking about spending hours in the gym each day or week, I'm not talking about being in constant pain (from tired muscles) but I am talking about including more physical activity throughout your day. Everyone can find time to add a few minutes here and there, it just takes a little bit of discipline to make the small choices every day that result in big changes.