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Born in Stockholm and a few short years later,


  • Will never forget when the judge looked down at me as my dad was getting sworn in to be a Canadian citizen and said, “welcome to Canada”
  • Although I’m a Canadian I still have my military issue Swedish dog tags that give me a place in a bomb shelter (in Sweden so that makes it really convenient to get to)

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  • Fairly normal happy childhood which was filled with travel and where I was surrounded by artists of all kinds.
  • Summers either involved lots of overseas travel: Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Gibraltar, Morocco or local travel within Ontario and the Eastern provinces or USA. I visited over 9 countries (some twice) before my first day of high school.
  • Theater & Writing was in my blood. In between seeing the world we were surrounded by my parent’s artist friends. I wrote and directed plays non-stop, experimenting and creating stories. A famous Polish director told me that a director has to know a little bit about everything. I’ve never forgotten that piece of advice.

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  • Attended a culturally diverse French high school where my love of writing, theater, film and dance developed and grew. I stood up to the AV teacher when we didn’t agree on how a movie should start and that gave me the confidence to pursue my love of writing and film.


Attended York University aka. Stay Away From Exposition or “Show Me Don’t Tell Me”

  • Film school obtained a BFA in screenwriting
  • Wrote and directed a short film
  • Script doctored a screenplay that won international awards

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I danced professionally and put my writing on hold but also:

  • worked as a rock climbing instructor
  • sold very expensive chocolates that shipped every 10 days from Switzerland
  • managed a high end accessories boutique
  • learned to make gobos


Several years later I moved cross-country to Vancouver and started a new life. I had the opportunity to perform again and started my big foray into fitness by building up a Pilates program and becoming a personal trainer.

4_FirstBigMove - Copy

  • I opened Definition Studio, a Pilates studio and trained A-list celebrities as well as NHL athletes and everyone in between

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  • I spent some time selling insurance
  • I spent some time selling aftermarket car upgrades
  • I spent some time buying, selling and flipping houses
  • I spent some time working with two big real estate developers

6_DiscoveryPhase - Copy

Blown away by the Social Media Revolution and the opportunities it’s creating (and I missed writing), one course later, STYLE ON THE SIDE WAS BORN

I decided that it would be a fun experience to move to Europe and try something new, ended up in Warsaw, Poland….Because why not…….

  • I joined a start-up as a full-time writer and kept on writing after the start-up wound down
  • Wrote my first book: FITWISE
  • Started dancing again

7_SecondBigMove - Copy

Now working on my second book which is… fashionably top secret!


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  20. I applaud your passion for art and interest in travel. We have a lot in common. I’m happy to have found your blog.

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