Guest Posting Guidelines


I’m always happy to accept guest posts on and just to make sure that we are on the same page please read the following:


  • Topics can be fashion, beauty & fitness related and should be geared toward woman between 38-50 years of age.
  • I don’t mind if you’ve published your post elsewhere but let’s try to keep at least some of it original so make some changes and be creative if you’d like to see your words on this blog.
  • Please keep the length between 350-800 words.
  • All links will be no follow. I’m happy to back link to your blog but not to any affiliate programs you might be a part of or to businesses you work for.
  • Do I need to tell you to double check your spelling and grammar?


  • Short paragraphs and bullet points make for easy reading and because we don’t want people getting bored let’s keep it that way.
  • Please provide me with your photos a maximum of 5 photos unless there is a really really really good reason you might need more.
  • Also, and this is super important. YOU MUST HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE THE PHOTO OR HAVE PURCHASED IT. Sorry I just can’t accept “borrowed” images. Hey and you know what is even better? Send me some your photos, just make sure they are clear and high quality.

I will be promoting your post across all of my social media channels and I expect you to do the same. After all, we both want your piece to be successful!

Please note that I am only accepting pitches from other bloggers. If you represent a business this will be considered an advertorial and not a guest post. I am, however, happy to send you my media kit.

Please don’t send me an email asking me if it’s okay to pitch…Just do it! 3-5 lines outlining your article will be perfect and don’t forget to include why my audience will benefit from it.

Have an idea you’d like to pitch me? Just send it to along with some samples of your work, a link to your blog and a short bio (3-5 lines) so that my readers can get to know you.

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