Fun Facts

10 Other Random Facts About Caroline:

1. At age 13, Caroline “borrowed” her dad’s Rollieflex and taught herself photography.

2. Caroline owned a Pilates studio, Definition Studio in Vancouver, BC for seven years. She trained famous Hollywood celebrities as well as NHL players and everyone in between.

3. She holds a BFA in screenwriting from York University and script doctored a international award winning film.

4. She has been dancing and performing since she was three years old.

5. She worked in: film, fitness, beauty, fashion, real estate, insurance and the automotive industry (not necessarily in that order)

6. She’s friends with a Russian Prima Ballerina

7. She has a motorcycle license

8. She worked on crew on several film productions for the Canadian Film Center

9. She has a soft spot for Anne of Green Gables and lives in fear of a bad reboot

10. Every year she’s intrigued by pumpkin spice lattes but has never gotten past the first sip.

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