• How To Deal With BloatingJuly 12th, 2017

    How to deal with bloating. We all have those days when we wake up feeling like crap.

  • Summer 2017 Skincare And MakeupJuly 10th, 2017

    Summer 2017 Skincare and makeup. Well, I can officially say that summer has arrived even though we’ve experienced some crazy hail storms in the past few weeks.

  • Are you Over ExercisingJuly 5th, 2017

    Are you over exercising. We all know that one person who spends hours a day at the gym and rarely takes any days off. In a way, I understand them.

  • How To Keep Curls Frizz FreeJuly 3rd, 2017

    How to keep curls frizz free. When I was little, all I wanted was curly hair. Instead, my hair was straight with a small wave. No matter how much I tried, it hung around my face.

  • Your Summer Fitness GuideJune 28th, 2017

    Your summer fitness guide. I have spent most of my life in one dance studio or another, I’ve taught rock climbing, I’ve been a personal trainer and I’ve owned a Pilates studio.

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