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Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

Ultimate Weight Loss Guide. I just stumbled upon someone who was hosting a live event on how she lost weight. I see this a lot...
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European Travel Italy

EUROPEAN TRAVEL ITALY European travel Italy. Living in Europe makes traveling a lot easier. In Canada, when we wanted to go away somewhere, it always...
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Best Beauty For Packing Light

Best beauty for packing light. Whenever I travel, it’s usually for short periods of time so I tend not to bring a lot of luggage....
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How To Look Stylish Without Trying

How to look stylish without trying. Full disclosure, this is how my day looks most of the time (it was different when I would go...
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How To Be Healthy Without Trying

How to be healthy without trying. I feel like I straddled two worlds growing up. There was our every day life in Canada, but there...
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How To Detox Your Skin After The Holidays

How to detox your skin after the holidays. I feel like holidays get longer and longer each year. They seem to start earlier and finish...
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How To Be Casual But Stylish

How to be casual but stylish. There’s one thing that I’m going to admit that I struggle with. Although I like dressing up and wearing...
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Staying Fit When You Have No Time

Staying fit when you have no time. We are almost halfway into December and whether or not you are big on celebrating the holidays, you...
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How To Feel Beautiful

How to feel beautiful. I believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful every day, even when she doesn’t. It’s not always easy, especially if...
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How Style Affects Our Confidence

This is a story of style and confidence or how style affects our confidence. My mother always had great style and amazing fashion sense. I...