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  • Why Is Beauty Sleep A Real ThingJune 27th, 2016

    Why is beauty sleep a real thing.

  • How To Dress In Your 30sJune 24th, 2016

    How to dress in your 30s. I’m always fascinated by topics like this because I kind of think that you should be able to wear whatever you want if it makes you feel good.

  • Working Out Diet And Your PeriodJune 22nd, 2016

    Working out diet and your period. I put the call out to see if anyone had any fitness questions and number of people responded with questions and concerns about working out when you have your period.

  • How Much SPF You Actually NeedJune 20th, 2016

    How much SPF you actually need. I can’t believe how many misconceptions still exist when it comes to sunscreen and wearing it every single day and yes, that includes winter and rainy days.

  • Look great this summer without being a hot messJune 17th, 2016

    Look great this summer without being a hot mess. Today is a mucky, sweaty day. It’s hot. The sun is out and my makeup started to melt off my face before I even put it on.

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