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What Is The Deal With All These Diets

What is the deal with all these diets. Everywhere I turn I see a new diet that’s being marketed. Some are crazy ridiculous and others...
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Be Stylish Not Fashionable Or Trendy

Be stylish not fashionable or trendy. The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who is a luxury fashion designer (her pieces...
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What Is Your Perfect Workout

What is your perfect workout. I know a lot of people who love going to the gym for hours every day and others who are...
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What Is Wrong With Natural Beauty

Is our obsession with looking younger actually making us look older?  I spent the last few days looking at teenagers posing in high fashion magazines...
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Everyone Can Learn To Love Exercise

Everyone can learn to love exercise. The other day I wrote about why I think that unconditionally loving our bodies can be detrimental to our...
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What Is The Deal With Loving Your Body

What is the deal with loving your body. I’ve just spent the past week hiking in the mountains. Not just small walks up hills, but...
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How To Deal With Bloating

How to deal with bloating. We all have those days when we wake up feeling like crap. Maybe last night we had a little too...
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Summer 2017 Skincare And Makeup

Summer 2017 Skincare and makeup. Well, I can officially say that summer has arrived even though we’ve experienced some crazy hail storms in the past...
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Are you Over Exercising

Are you over exercising. We all know that one person who spends hours a day at the gym and rarely takes any days off. In...
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How To Keep Curls Frizz Free

How to keep curls frizz free. When I was little, all I wanted was curly hair. Instead, my hair was straight with a small wave....