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How To Choose A Leather Handbag

how to choose a leather handbag

How to choose a leather handbag. On one of our walks around Portland I noticed a warehouse with the words, Orox Leather Co., painted on the front.  Since I’ve been searching for leather craftsmen who might be interested in working on a project with me, I promptly dragged my husband right over.  This shop is run by the Martinez brothers, Martin and Levi, and it’s not just a store but a true artist’s space as well.  They design everything in the store and make it right there behind the counter.

“Our products are designed to harmonically blend the durability of leather and the sustainability of recycled materials, with the purpose of being passed on to coming generations as a heritage of American craft. It is our hope to continue to manifest our artistic expression in the same manner that our great grandparents seventy years ago, maintaining tradition while developing with the future”.

how to choose a leather handbag

I find that many leather bags can be very heavy as the hardware and type of materials used add a lot of bulk.  Not these bags. The stitching is very sturdy and with minimal additions, the bags are all featherweight. Each bag is a little bit different due to the fact that they are handcrafted and leather by nature isn’t uniform.

Orox Leather bags

Here’s a tip on how to choose a leather handbag. You always want to check the stitching on a bag, it’s one of the ways to tell if the quality of the piece is good.  Take a look at the strap on your bag. If there’s stitching around the edges then you’re in the clear, that purse can be fixed if any threads come undone because it’s all leather. If, however, there is no stitching then the handle (if it’s stiff) is most likely glued together and reinforced with heavy cardboard. Yes, you read that right, cardboard. Apparently a lot of shoes have this same affliction if the sole doesn’t say that it’s leather and it’s not rubber then oftentimes it’s actually painted cardboard. It pays to ‘hang out’ with your local shoe repair guy, there’s no telling what you can learn.

orox leather shoes

If I’m investing in a bag or a pair of shoes (as in I want it to last me more than a season) then I always pay close attention to quality so I can repair the piece as needed for years to come.  I loved every piece at Orox and could immediately tell they would last a lifetime.


What are your tips on how to choose a leather handbag ?

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  1. GREAT POST! Really like it. I am about to follow you, maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too? I have an upcoming post about the Lush event I went too! PS- Love the design of your blog.

    1. Thank you so much, will check out your site now!

  2. It’s so much more fun to shop when the store you’re in looks great and has fun displays 😛

    1. You’re right it absolutely is!

  3. Laurie @ Pride in Photos

    oh it all looks so divine!!! Leather just never goes out of style♥

    1. I agree it never does!

    1. Thank you!

  4. What a unique looking shop. Would love to visit sometime 🙂

    1. It was! I miss it actually.

  5. Hey Caroline, I just sent this email to your blog email account and it bounced back so here it is-

    Hello Caroline

    Hope all is well.
    You are the winner of the dress I advertised on my Giveaway!
    If you could give me the Polish address you mentioned that would be great.

    Also I will post the dress asap, I will have to find a post office near my job or do it one of my day’s off- but its coooooooming!

    Thanks for taking part and generally leaving comments on my blog! x

  6. Thanks for the find from a recent transplant! Looking forward to more leather in my life. 🙂

    1. My pleasure! There are so many wonderful stores in Portland! I hope you have lots of interesting discoveries.

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