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How to Run in Heels


how to run in heels


September is upon us and slowly flip flops are disappearing off the streets. It’s a little sad but it has given me the opportunity to start noticing all the wonderful heels out there! To my dismay I’ve also noticed how many women just don’t know how to walk in them. Coming first from dance and then the fitness industry I actually had the opportunity to work with lots of women who just needed a small tweak to make them look wonderful in a lovely pair of heels.

It’s really not that hard just a few basics to remember.


Think Ballet. First, think like a ballet dancer, turn your feet out ever so slightly you almost want to feel as if you are leading with your heel when you step forward.

Think Abs. Next stomach in, on a scale of one to ten about a 3….yes really, you aren’t sucking in for dear life just lightly engaging your transverse abdominis (the part of the abs where women develop that little pouch).

Think Posture. Now think about your shoulders, they should be relaxed. What I used to tell women was to feel like you are gently pushing your bra strap down with your shoulder blades.

Think Chin-Up. Lastly, heads up Ladies! Your ears should be directly in line with your shoulders. The minute your head is down or jutting forward you’ve lost it. Really it’s all about the posture, if you can stand tall you can walk in heels.

how to walk in heels

The most unexpected and probably coolest request I ever got was a call from a man asking me to teach him how to walk in heels…. I kind of wish he would have followed through because that just would have been super fun!

how to walk in heels

An easy way to practice walking in heels is to stand in front of the mirror and spend some time analyzing your posture. Are you standing straight? Is your body in alignment? All of this will help you improve your ability to walk in heels.

Do you know how to run in heels properly?

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  1. i had a guy ask to wear my shoes once in high school, because he wanted to see what the big deal was – lucky for me they were cheap costume pumps and lucky for him i have big feet – he avoided blisters by keeping his socks on…blatant cheating because even Mr. Louboutin himself has been quoted as saying that it’s not necessarily about being comfortable, it’s about looking beautiful. Love this post and these pictures…one leg forward and slightly bent at the knee is after all the most flattering photo position for a fabulous pair of pumps!

    1. Ha! That’s awesome. Total cheating I agree.

  2. All Seasons Cyclist

    I used to be a member of the Board of Education in our community and once a year the high school would have “Career Day” where the students were supposed to “dress up” for a “business interview.” Every year I would watch as a couple hundred young women tried to walk in high heels — it must have been the first time for a lot of them. A lot of words could describe their actions, but “graceful” was not one of them.

    1. It definitely takes some time to learn but when you master wearing heels it can be very powerful!

  3. Kaitlyn Collective

    OK, amazing shoes!!! xx

    1. Thank! I’m slowly, carefully working on my collection…..

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