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hit the gym
My favourite running skirt. I tell you it is so much more flattering than a pair of shorts. Of course I have those as well but regardless I tend to stick with simple, straight cut and black.

Hit the gym. Well it’s fall, the air is cooler and various holiday seasons will soon be upon us. In Canada, Thanksgiving is just around the corner….I know, minor heart attack, I was totally shocked when I looked at the calendar, I swear it’s earlier this year than ever before, when did that happen?. Good thing that I actually enjoy going for a run and that the words time to hit the gym don’t scare me.

Such a good thing that the fitness industry has been working overtime to introduce many great and innovative styles. There seems to be something for everyone. Just the other day I was walking with a friend and she was telling me all about her new running shoes, black with bright pink laces, describing them as if we were discussing a pair of high fashion heels! So that is pretty much one less excuse not to hit the gym.

hit the gym
Yeah, these aren’t exactly my running shoes….those are fairly worn at the minute. I use these shoes for fitness and spin classes. They are comfortable and cute and the same time, reminiscent of my dance shoes.

Back when I owned my Pilates studio it was great fun gathering my staff to pick out our new uniforms. So many great fabrics and styles to choose from!

hit the gym
The white hoodie on the right is an example of one of my old uniforms. It was very flattering on everyone, fit all of our body types. The one on the left is a super cute terry cloth wrap hoodie with thumb holes (best invention EVER)
hit the gym
This skirt goes with the above hoodie. I love it but it’s very short…. I admit I’ve never worn it, just couldn’t resist the purchase.

I find that when I’m wearing a cute outfit and sporting the latest in tech gadgets exercising becomes so much more fun! I for one never leave home without my Bose earbuds. I could never find any that fit properly and after a lot of trial and error and a little bit of pain these were the clear winners! They aren’t cheap but I’ve already had my pair for 3 years, they accidentally went through the wash and are still going strong!

hit the gym
These are two of my favourite exercise tops. They have all sorts of pockets for storage, are super comfy and not too clingy.

The other thing that I like to use is some sort of tracking device to keep me motivated. Recently I was approached by a great fitness site, Slimkicker.com, to test a new exercise tracking device. I’m so excited for it to arrive, anything to keep me motivated right? Plus it’s always fun to try something new.

hit the gym
Ahh, my piece de resistance! A Stella McCartney top. I found it years ago and am very happy I bought it back then.

As you can see with all the fabulous workout fashions and cool gadgets, hitting the gym (or great outdoors) can be super fun (and if not then at least you have the potential of looking great)!

What do you choose wear when it’s time to hit the gym?

*For more on what I wear to hit the gym join me on instagram and twitter*

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    1. Thanks!

  1. So glad to see someone else who appreciates running skirts, too! There needs to be more options out there.

    1. I just think they look so much better…on me at least.

  2. alphamassieblockkur

    I’m from Canada too. The site I have is just role-play. I just love the series, but I’m not really like that. I love your site!

    1. It’s fun to read though!!!!

      1. alphamassieblockkur

        I agree!
        I love reading, I’m not even in high school yet, but I read more than they do!

  3. I love the look of the running skirt! Do you think it would work well for non-running exercise (i.e. group fitness classes, etc), too? Also, who makes that skirt? Thanks!

    1. Yes I think it would work for any exercise! It has built-in shorts underneath so you are plenty covered. That one I bought at Old Navy… The fabric is a bit heavier than some of the others (that’s why I like it). I like the New Balance ones as well!

  4. Caitlyn M. Crowe

    hmm, very cool

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