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How To Style A Fuchsia Dress

how to style a fuchsia dress

How to style a fuchsia dress. Please meet my new fuchsia dress! Although the navy polka dot side is more in my comfort zone,  I’m kind of starting to love  the fuchsia side .  The second I turned the dress inside out I knew that I wanted to grab my Betsey Johnson leopard print mary janes.  There’s a funny story associated with these. Several years ago I was with a friend who was shopping for a wedding dress. She’s a fabulous actress with unconventional tastes and had her heart set on wearing a Betsey Johnson dress for her wedding. Of course I started to wander around at the store and when my eyes fell on these pumps there was no turning back. In about two seconds I was able to justify why my shoe wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without them.  My friend did not purchase a wedding dress that day but I walked out with a new pair of heels! On top of everything these beauties have a hot pink sole……

how to style a fuchsia dress

Back to the other accessories. I decided to keep everything else simple. A vintage silver cuff that belonged to my mom, a pair of classic pearls and of course my dramatic Gucci sunnies that were a lovely gift from my husband a few years back. The purse was a random find, $5 at garage sale. You can never go wrong with that price.

how to style a fuchsia dress

In keeping with the spirit of staying out of my comfort zone I decided to go bold once again and choose colour. These Sam Edelman sandals are a treasured pair of heels. It took me 3 weeks of haunting a department and majorly sucking up to a sales associate before they could come home with me. Looking back over this post I just had to laugh. Apparently it’s not possible for me to buy anything without attaching some sort of story.

how to style a fuchsia dress

I first saw these shoes in a store catalog. Since they were very different than anything else I owned,  I was immediately drawn to them. That very day I went over to the department store but unfortunately they were no where to be found. I’m nothing if not persistent so I came back the next day and the day after that.  Finally, I asked a sales associate and she said they hadn’t come in yet but that I should try again in a week. Okay, I could live with that. Without being advised to pre-order them I happily left the store knowing these sandals would soon be mine. When I arrived at the store a week later I was told that all of them had been spoken for. The sales associate must have noticed the devastation on my face because she promptly called around, found out that the girl who  reserved the pair in my size wasn’t coming in for a week, the sandals could be re-ordered for her and I got my heels!

As with the previous outfit I decided to keep the rest of the accessories simple. A black clutch, a simple cuff and my favourite silver earrings.

How to style a fuchsia dress? What are your tips?


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  1. Jamie "ChatterBlossom"

    I LOOOOOOVE your leopard heels with it!! Those are flippin’ fantastic!

    1. You are awesome, thanks so much!

  2. miss Margaret Cruzemark

    I love your dress. It looks really nice with these animal print heels.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    1. Thanks! I’m glad they work because I don’t get to wear those heels enough.

  3. Those turquoise heels look nice!!!

    1. Thanks! I love them, they are so comfortable.

    1. Thank-you! xo

  4. Ohhh I love the animal print pumps!!! Xoxo

    1. Thank you! So do I….

  5. Love this dress, the color is beautiful and the shoes are adorable! Beautiful post sweetie!


    1. Thank you. I love those heels!

  6. Lovely look! I would wear it with the leopard heels! cute!
    Kisses from Miami,

  7. Such a lovely dress… I´m in love with fuchsia too… I have a clutch in that color and I´m crazy about it…

  8. The outfit looks amazing especially loved the accessories!!
    Would have loved to see photos with you wearing the outfit to get a better look on the outfit but great post 🙂

    Much love from Denmark
    Christina xx

    1. Thanks! Yeah outfit posts of me are pretty rare!

  9. I really love the photo´s! And all the shoe´s are amazing!


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been collecting shoes for years.

  10. This is so pretty!! I love it!!! ♥

  11. Nicolene Richards

    Adorable shoes, I can see what attracted you to Turquoise pair, and if I could bear walking in them, they would have been in my closet to! The first set is my favourite, with the Pink, Black and White combined, and no doubt, the hat! Beautiful ensembles!

  12. The blue pumps with the fuchsia dress is my favourite, great pieces together and separate. A great pop of colour and great for the colour blocking trend.

    Stay Stylish,
    TL. Xx

    Twynkle Loves

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear that because I love that combination too!

  13. Thank you for your comment on my blog! This is a wonderful naryat, I love all these combinations!

    1. Of course! Thanks so much!

  14. That is one versatile dress!
    Love all the choice of pairing you’ve made.

    Please i need an email addy to reach you on.


  15. That is one versatile dress!!!
    I love all pairings you have made.
    What email can I reach you on darl?


    1. It’s a fabulous dress! I emailed you, hope you got it!

  16. I love the fuchsia dress with the leopard shoe..IT is a great idea! I have a silk fuchsia dress which I bought in China and couldn’t make up my mind how to wear it. I will take your suggestion. Thanks. Come and visit my blog Sara

    1. Oh thank you so much!

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