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MAC Paint Pots Review

mac paint pots review

MAC Paint Pots. On a whim my friend and I decided to go to MAC a few days ago. She wanted to get some more information on the MAC Paint Pots and I happily tagged along. Who doesn’t love to discover new products, right? I haven’t been into a MAC store in a while so I’m no longer really familiar with everything they carry.

mac paint pots review

Both my friend and I have the same issue, we love a great smokey eye but somehow after a few hours, we just look like raccoons….Not very attractive. I’ve been told to apply powder or to apply a base but none of these remedies really work and I’m not dying to apply anything over top of my makeup to set it. I’ve probably said this before, but I don’t love having too much ‘stuff’ on my face as it always feels too heavy.

mac paint pots review

Well you can imagine my skepticism when the makeup artist showed us the MAC Paint Pots. According to her, you can either use it on its own or blend in another colour. After the Paint Pots sets, your makeup won’t bleed! She created a lovely smokey eye on my friend and promised it would look like that until she took it off. Sold! We both purchased Painterly, a very neutral base (once on it’s almost exactly the same colour as my skin). Since we are the proud owners of Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette, we decided that we could layer those colours over top. The only tip she gave us was to blend fast as the product sets quickly. Also make sure to close the lid tightly so it doesn’t dry up.


This was the spontaneous text I got this morning. I decided to take it all one step further and applied Painterly to my lids right before going to the gym. I know, I know it’s horrible for my skin but anything to test a product! After a very intense run on the treadmill, with lots of sweating involved, I was amazed to discover that my eye makeup looked great. I had applied a little bit of pale gold pigment over top and it didn’t budge.

So I can safely say that if you are like me and you get those lovely raccoon eyes toward the end of an evening, try out the Paint Pots!

(I have to take a second to thank my friend who let me take her pic in the mall with my phone, under bad lighting. She’s a great sport!)

Have you tried MAC paint pots?

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  1. Complete MAC addict here who is now off to try this product out, i’m sold on anything which will eliminate the panda/raccoon eye.

    1. It’s been great! Let me know what you think.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Would you want to follow each other? Follow me and I will follow you tight back!


  3. i’ve used painterly for years now, and i’ve had the same experience as you, it doesn’t budge! just in love with it…

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear that!

  4. need this! amazing! i’m a MAC lover.

  5. Aikaterini Pegka

    Painterly is the only Paint Pot I have from MAC, and I absolutely love it! I bought it when I bought the Naked2 Palette from Urban Decay (my latest blog post) and it is the bomb 🙂 I also use it by itself,just with a bit of dark brown eye liner! I am planning on getting another colour of them soon…maybe Rubenesque or Indianwood….?

    1. I know! That’s why I laughed when I saw your Naked 2 post…you literally beat me to it by a few days! I really like the Rubenesque one….

  6. Great eye shadows baby , love this brand so much ,

    am following you with Bloglovin , Wanna follow me back with GFC ?


  7. I love Mac. Every product! this one is miraculous!

  8. I am also looking for a shadow that lasts a long time without ‘cracking’ so I think I’ll have to try that!
    I’ve been obsessed lately with MAC’s matte lipsticks so my next visit will have some extra pots!!

    xx, A!

    1. The bonus with MAC is that you can return the finished containers and then you get free product!

  9. Itziar Enfedaque

    Acabo de descubrir tu blog! Me encanta tu estilo, es muy original y personal:)
    TE SIGO! Y me encantaría que tu también me siguieses ya que me haria mucha ilusion.

  10. Totally adore Mac and have been thinking about trying this! Great post – especially about trying it at the gym, lol!

    1. Ha! I thought I should really put it to the test.

  11. I love Paint Pots! If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, try the Maybelline 24 hour creme shadows! They’re incredible and really similar! New follower 🙂

    1. Oh great tip thanks!

  12. Jennie AKA Hooting Miss Owl

    I will definitely have to try these paint pots out! Mac are just amazing!

    Big love!
    Jennie x

    1. Thank you!

  13. marthadavenport

    these are my favorite primers to use, especially on bridal makeup! glad you found a great long lasting product for the “racoon eyes”, theyre so easy to get! 🙂 thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh that’s so cool! Well if it works for bride’s then I’m in for sure!

  14. Flavia Flanders

    I love paint pot, but haven’t tried out MAC yet.


    1. I think there are many similar ones out there but the MAC ones are great!

  15. Need this! As i use eyeshadow everyday i need one that lasts a long time and MAC paint pots seems perfect for me or maybelline creme shadows 24 hr. I don´t know yet which one i should choose! I love your reviews <3
    Nice work 🙂 xx

    1. Oh go to MAC and get them to apply it in the morning and then see how you like it at the end of the day!

  16. I’ve been wanting to pick one up for the longest time! should really give it a go now! xoxo

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