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Lean Greens Review

Lean Greens Review

Lean Greens review. As a Pilates instructor, I used to always preach the importance of eating healthy. As an ex-Pilates instructor, none of that has actually changed. Now, a number of years ago I developed some stomach issues. It’s not something I like to talk about, let’s be honest it’s not an overly exciting or pleasant topic, but it’s something that I have to deal with and I’m betting that I’m not the only one out there. Part of my issue is that I struggle with getting enough greens into my diet (I know very few people who don’t), so when I came across Lean Greens I was really excited to give them a go.

lean greens review


The ingredients. First let’s start with the ingredient list. You should always check ingredient lists if you have any special dietary needs, but to give you an idea the active ingredients are as follows:

The taste. Alright, so I was a total skeptic at first (so much so that I just stared at the jar for a few days) because seriously, greens are greens and they always somehow taste the same and honestly, leave me gagging. Well, I’m really happy to say that I was totally wrong! The taste was a lot less intense than I expected it to be and in fact I was pleased to find that it tasted like a slightly flavoured water with a just a hint of a fruity note. Best of all, zero aftertaste. The family taste test was in total agreement. While I prefer to drink my greens with water (and I should add that the powder is super easy to blend and doesn’t leave a chalky texture), I think they would also be a great addition to a smoothie and you wouldn’t even know that you are having them. I can wholeheartedly agree with their claim that these are the best greens I’ve ever tried.

My thoughts. I love how easy Lean Greens is to incorporate into my diet. It takes seconds to mix and even less time to drink and I feel great afterwards: no bloating, no stomach cramps and improved digestion. This is excellent news as it means that I can now have a drink in the morning and it gives me the energy that I need to make it through a busy day. It also fills me up and keeps me feeling full so that I’m not scrambling to find a mid-morning snack. I usually have to get used to a new product, as it can take me up to a week of feeling very uncomfortable before my body accepts it. What’s amazing to me with Lean Greens is that from the very first sip I didn’t have an issue. Clearly the formulation and quality of the product agrees perfectly with my sensitive system.

lean greens review

I generally use supplements like this at night, but this one came with the perfect size shaker bottle and a very handy case where I can store the ideal amount of powder I might need for the day. Definitely a product that I’ll be using for a long time to come!

For all of you who are like me and want to add a daily boost of health into their diet, I can recommend trying Lean Greens. As an added bonus, Lean Greens is very generously offering all of you 10% off site-wide, just use this code: STYLE10 and let’s get healthier together!

What do you look for in a greens supplement?

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While I did receive the product for review all opinions are my own.

ingredient image courtesy of Lean Greens website.


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