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What Is Your Perfect Workout

What Is Your Perfect Workout

What is your perfect workout. I know a lot of people who love going to the gym for hours every day and others who are just as fit, but wouldn’t ever dream of stepping into a gym, ever. The key to getting and or staying fit is to find a workout that works for you, while keeping an open mind to trying new things.

I firmly believe that there’s a perfect workout for everyone out there. I offer my grandfather as a great example. Here was a man who rowed with the University rowing team for the pure enjoyment of it. He hiked the mountains around his home almost every single day and as he got older, he walked for hours and hours every day. He was always strong and fit.

For me it’s dance or hiking and more recently running (in moderation), but I admit that I get completely turned around after seeing the nth person in my social media feed lifting weights or powering through a high intensity popular workout. I’ve had those moments of feeling guilty that I’m not at the gym or that I’m not doing enough or that I should be pushing myself more.

what is your perfect workout


What Are Your Goals?

This really should be your first question to yourself. If you are looking to be a body builder, for example, then your answer is pretty clear. Maybe you just want to improve your overall fitness levels or maybe you just want to get out of the house and move a bit. Decide what you want and then structure your workout around that.

On that note though, also be honest with yourself.

  • Do you need to be accountable to people? If yes, then look for fitness classes
  • Do you prefer high energy or getting yelled at? If yes, then look for cross fit or other similar groups
  • Do you prefer a low impact session but in a class? If yes, then yoga or Pilates are a good bet.
  • Do you prefer wearing your headphones and being on your own? If yes, then try running or walking or even swimming laps.

See where I’m going with this? Don’t let yourself get pulled into something you hate because that’s the first red flag to your success.  Whichever workout you decide on, make sure that you are also thinking about your long term health. I’ve seen way too many people stop working out because they can’t run anymore or they stop playing a sport that they used to do regularly. Focus on adding some cross training to your routine and strengthening your entire body. For more read: CROSS TRAINING

Understand The Importance Of Working Out

All too often, I see people who start working out just because they want to lose weight. I applaud anyone who is looking to drop a few pounds, but understand that there is so much more to a regular fitness routine than just your waist line. The problem with working out only to lose weight is that this type of routine is usually short lived. For more read: WHY IS EXERCISE SO IMPORTANT

Can You Actually Make Time?

It’s very valiant to say that you are going to spend 3 hours working out every day, but be realistic can you actually do that? This point comes back to your goals. For the majority of us who have jobs and life commitments, we need to find activities that fit in to our schedules.

Lastly, I’m going to add that unless you are sure of what you like or don’t like, try different things. Recently, I was speaking with someone who said they hated Pilates…. I always roll my eyes when I hear this because, while it might not be a workout you want to do every day, it’s an amazing tool for cross training (I should add I was speaking to an ex-dancer). I also happen to know that, for disciplines like yoga or Pilates, the instructor really matters. If you tried one class and didn’t like it, don’t give up on the whole discipline. You’ll never really know if a workout is for you or not unless you give it a proper chance.

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Caroline has been dancing ballet and modern for most of her life. She has worked as an indoor rock climbing instructor, personal trainer and most recently, a top level, fully certified Pilates instructor teaching high profile athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

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