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Post Workout Beauty Hacks

Post Workout Beauty Hacks

post workout beauty hacks
Post workout beauty hacks. For the past 14 years or so, I’ve been really spoiled because my gym was on the ground floor of my building and my yoga studio was less than half a block from my apartment, so I never really had to worry about getting ready without my bathroom and all my stuff on hand. Now, I suddenly find myself having to buy a gym membership and actually leave my place to get there. This means that I have to be more prepared if I’m rushing off to a meeting after my workout.
post workout beauty hacks


Tame the redness. I’m one of those people who get quite red in the face when I sweat and it stays that way for a while, so I’m never without a cooling mist. Not only does it help to calm the redness and moisturize my skin, but I also use it as a setting spray for my makeup.

Have a headband on hand. You’ll never see me at the gym without an extra wide fabric headband. It’s essential for soaking up the sweat and keeping it away from my hair.

Deodorant. I’m sure we all have this in our workout bags, but in the summer months when it takes me longer to cool down, I might swipe some down my back to help stop any (very) unwanted sweat marks on my clothes.

Dry shampoo. When I had my bangs I used to wash them only and just tie my hair back. Now that my hair is short and my bangs are a thing of the past, dry shampoo has become my best friend. I simply spray it on my roots and then tousle my hair with a hair dryer.

Texture spray. There are definitely times when I don’t need a dry shampoo, but to give my hair that extra bit of oomph I reach for my sea salt or texture spray. A few minutes later I have the perfect beachy waves (even without a beach in sight).

Keep the makeup basic. Since my face stays red for quite a while, I look ridiculous with a full face of makeup, plus it’s really hard to judge how much I’ve put on. Mascara is a must, as is a touch of highlighting on my lids to make them appear brighter. I take this time to apply an ultra moisturizing lip balm and in a pinch I’ll dab a drop of highlighter to my lips and that’s it.
post workout beauty hacks
Nobody has time to be leisurely after a sweaty workout session as I don’t love being stuck in a change room taking my time. If I can get home and shower that’s what I’m definitely going to do. The problem is that sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I have to be presentable and can’t just hide under a giant pair of sunglasses. Use these easy tricks and you’ll look fabulous (and healthy because an after gym glow can’t be beat) in minutes.

What are some of your beauty hacks for the gym?

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