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Best Travel Workout

Best Travel Workout

best travel workout

Best travel workout. I recently read a very impressive article about someone, who had managed to put on 12 lbs of muscle in 3 months while on vacation. For most of us, that’s not exactly the goal. I’m guessing that we just want to stay at our current level and not gain any weight. Personally I’ve always been a little baffled when people come home after a few weeks away and they are totally out of shape. It takes me a long time to get into shape, so why would I ever want to lose that? As long as you don’t overeat, throw in some fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and don’t lie around all day, it’s very possible to stay fit while you are away. I’ve found that most hotel gyms (other than the higher end ones) are kind of crappy, so this workout is one that you can do at any time in your room, without any equipment. Of course, if you are someone who travels with a resistance band then feel free to modify the moves.

best travel workout


JUMP ROPE OR JUMPING JACKS. This is meant as a warm up and not a real cardio workout. It’s better than not doing anything, but I’m going on the assumption that you will be spending a lot of your time walking around during your travels. The exercise you choose will be largely dependent on how much space you have, either way after a few minutes of jumping around, you’ll definitely feel yourself starting to sweat.

SQUATS. Squats are always a great option because you don’t need much room for them and there are a million (slight exaggeration maybe) modifications that you can do depending on your fitness level.
With a suitcase. Grab that suitcase, lift it over your head and proceed to doing both wide stance (plie) squats and narrow ones. Remember to keep your abdominals engaged and don’t arch your back.
With a side kick. Starting in a nice wide stance with your toes turned out, bend your knees until you are in a deep squat. In one move straighten your legs lifting one into the air.  Let your body tilt away from your leg so that you are in a kickboxing style position and return to start.

PUSH UPS. You didn’t think you could get away without doing push ups, did you? Since you are on holidays or traveling for business and probably don’t have a lot of time, let’s take these up a notch. Start with your feet on the bed and walk your hands forward along the floor until you are in a push up position. Keeping your shoulders down and abdominal muscles engaged, do as many push ups as you can then finish the rest of your set in a normal position.

TRICEP DIPS. With your hands placed on the edge of your bed or a dresser, stretch your legs out in front of you and slowly dip down toward the floor. Make sure that your arms are not too wide and that your shoulders aren’t hiking up to your ears. As you dip, watch that your elbows point directly behind you and not out to the sides.

REVERSE AB CURLS. Lying on your back lift your legs and arms into the air. Focus on using your abdominals and not your whole body as you curl your glutes off the floor.

best travel workout

Since you are not using any weights, make sure that each movement counts. In your tricep dips, for example, lower for two counts and straighten back up for two counts. Do this for every exercise. Also, focus on your form and visualize the muscles that are working.

Do you workout in your room when you are on vacation?

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