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Why Not Drinking Enough Water Can Make You Fat

Why Not Drinking Enough Water Can Make You Fat

why not drinking enough water can make you fat

Why not drinking enough water can make you fat. Yup, I’m back on a water kick again. No matter how much I plan and get into the habit of drinking water, it always seems to fall by the wayside even when I’m working out and eating well. I have already given you my Top Tips For Drinking Water and we’ve discussed Water VS Sports Drinkings, but how can not drinking enough water cause you to gain weight and get sick?

Did you know that dehydration starts to set in before you start feeling thirsty? So it’s important to keep drinking water even though you may not be thirsty. A good rule is to have a glass or two as soon as you get up in the morning (before your coffee) and then to have a full glass before each meal.

First and foremost, I need to state that since our bodies are comprised of about 60% water, it is essential to keeping us alive. Without water our organs and system would slowly begin to shut down. In addition, water does wonders to protect our complexions and give us hydrated and glowing skin. These should be reasons enough to want to drink water continuously throughout the day, but we all know that reality isn’t always like that. So let’s look at it another way.

why not drinking enough water can make you fat


Speeds up your metabolism. When your circulatory and digestive systems are working optimally and you are working out regularly, you feel good and you are sleeping well, your metabolism speeds up. For more on How To Boost Your Metabolism read this.

Is a natural appetite suppressant.
Quite often we mistake hunger pangs for thirst. So try drinking a full glass of water before a meal and you’ll find that you aren’t quite as hungry as maybe you thought. While I’m absolutely behind eating healthy, moderation is always key and sometimes we don’t always eat as mindfully as we should.

Rids your body of bacteria and waste. When you are dehydrated, your body builds up toxins and waste which becomes the perfect breeding ground for unwanted bacteria. Let’s take your kidneys for example, their primary function is to rid your body of toxic waste but without enough water they can’t do their job.

Helps with digestion. Our digestive system also depends on adequate quantities of water. If your digestive system isn’t working optimally then your body can’t always absorb all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Gives you energy. Think about what happens when you get dehydrated. You get weak, dizzy and lethargic. Our muscles are comprised of about 75% water which needs to be consistently replenished. Want a better, more effective workout? Then keep hydrating.

Keeps your joints healthy. Cartilage, which acts like a cushion between your joints, is partially made up of… you guessed it, water! Staying well hydrated will help keep it soft. For those that take additional glucosamine, know that one of its functions is actually to help your cartilage absorb water.

why not drinking enough water can make you fat

So you see, by drinking enough water consistently through the day you’ll not only feel fuller (aka  you’ll eat less), but your body will work optimally and the results will be a healthier, stronger and fitter you!


What are your tips for remembering to drink water regularly?

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