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How To Boost Your Metabolism

How To Boost Your Metabolism

how to boost your metabolism

How to boost your metabolism. I love reading anything fitness related, articles, magazines; you name it, I’ll read it. So when I see titles like “foods that will boost your metabolism,” of course, I’m there. The problem is that there are so many misconceptions floating around and just like with anything health related it’s not always that simple.

How to boost your metabolism


What is it? To put it simply, your metabolism is the amount of energy, or calories, that your body needs to survive on a daily basis. All of this happens as a series of chemical reactions in your cells. The good news is that, even though you may have inherited a slow metabolism from one or both of your parents, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck with it. About 70% of what you eat goes to your basic life functions, 20% is the fuel you burn through physical activity and the remaining 10% is for your digestion. Taking this into consideration, you aren’t destined to follow in anyone’s footsteps. You can be in charge of your own destiny.

Eat. Your diet is imperative to having an efficient and healthy metabolism. Let’s just get one thing straight, it’s not about eating one type of food. There is no proof that eating spicy foods, for example, will speed up your metabolism. I understand that it’s tempting to believe this, but speeding up your metabolism isn’t quite that simple. To start, make sure that you aren’t skipping meals. Breakfast really is an important part of your day. Think about it like this, you are breaking your fast, so this is the perfect moment to kickstart your system. Everyone has unique dietary needs, but generally you want to eat healthy 300-400 calorie meals which contain protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. If you are snacking during the day, opt for vegetables or nuts.

Move. Have a sedentary job? This can be detrimental to your metabolism, even if you exercise regularly. More and more, studies are showing that if you continuously sit for 8 hour workdays, an hour at the gym will not reverse the damage. Make an effort to get up every couple of hours and move around. If you have a desk job, taking even a 5 minute stretch moment helps. That’s not all though as your metabolism will stay in high gear after an intense cardio session and extra muscle (think weight lifting) will help you burn even more calories. Bottom line, exercise has to be a part of your day, and not just something that you do 3 times a week.

Sleep. Your body needs sleep as much as it needs nutrition and physical activity. This is, after all, the time when it heels and rejuvenates When you are lacking in precious sleep, your body produces more cortisol, which in turn stimulates your appetite. As a bonus, when you are rested you will have the energy needed to move.

how to boost your metabolism

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes or easy answers, but when you incorporate all of these components, your body will run like a well oiled machine. It’s simply a matter of respecting your body and giving it the nutrition and movement that it needs.

Do you have any tips for boosting your metabolism?


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