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How To Speed Up Weight Loss

How To Speed Up Weight Loss

how to speed up weight loss
How to speed up weight loss. So you decide that it’s time lose some weight and the first thing you do is hit the gym and eliminate food groups, right? Wrong. Of course, exercise is huge and a very crucial part of getting and being healthy, but there are a number of small tweaks you can do to your everyday diet, tweaks that you’ll barely notice but overtime will play a big factor in your waistline.  We’ve already determined why you might not be losing weight, so now let’s look at how to speed it up.

how to speed up weight loss


De-stress. Stress causes our levels of cortisol to rise, which in turn converts blood sugar to fat. There aren’t many people who are completely stress free, but taking some time to calm yourself down will go a long way. A great way is to start the day with these must do morning stretches.

Drink water. Of course, we all know how important drinking water is, but try to meticulously drink a full glass of water before each meal. It will fill you up and you’ll find that you just might be reaching for less food.

Lose the sugar. Great way to start is by having a square of dark chocolate. My tip is to freeze it, so it takes longer to melt in your mouth. Also, watch out for all of the flavored waters that have flooded the market. Take a look at the ingredients, because although some of them say they have no calories, they can contain other additives that you don’t want to put in your body. Natural water is best.

Eat full fat. Before you roll your eyes, try reaching for the full fat option of foods rather than choosing low fat. The problem with low fat is that the fat is often replaced with sugar and that means it’s not necessarily better for your waistline. Instead, try having a smaller portion of the full fat option. Not only will it taste better, but you aren’t eating as much. Unless you have a sensitivity, I don’t believe in eliminating food groups, since often one or two bites is enough to satisfy a craving.

Toss the scale. The food scale, that is. Sometimes we can get very caught up in every detail of what we are eating. This becomes restrictive and that’s when we fall off the wagon, so to speak. Instead, opt for a smaller plate or order an appetizer instead of a full meal when eating out.

Make small changes. Most diets fail because we try to do too much at once and set huge goals that aren’t very realistic. The idea is to make small changes that you can easily stick with. For instance, if you are enjoying a sandwich for lunch, eat the whole thing except the top piece of bread. You probably won’t miss it and you’ll be eating fewer calories. Love salads? Great, ask for your dressing on the side and just dab on a tiny bit with your fork.
how to speed up weight loss
Remember, the key to start you on your weight loss journey is to progress slowly, make the changes that you know you can keep first, take it one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad hour or two. It’s just about changing your mindset. You are in control of what you eat and how much you move. Above all, know that you are not alone in this and that it’s okay to ask for help.

What are your tips on speeding up weight loss?

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