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Treadmill Running Charts

Treadmill Running Charts

Treadmill running charts. As much as we all love running outside with the wind in our hair and enjoying a fresh breeze, that’s not always possible. Sometimes the weather is just too harsh or the conditions are not favourable. I, for one, find that especially when I’m dancing a lot, my knees can’t take the pounding even if I don’t run on concrete. Then again, getting on a treadmill can get boring. How many times can you listen to the same play list while doing the same workout?

My answer to all of this is to change up my workout every time. There are days when I have about 30 minutes and others when I can spend a solid 45 minutes on the treadmill. I’ve put together two great workouts that will not only torch calories, but will also keep you thinking the whole time.

Since everyone is different and at different fitness levels and not everyone chooses to use a heart rate monitor (to see if you need a heart rate monitor you can read about it here), your speed will be determined by your rate of perceived exertion (RPE).

For the purpose of these charts I’m using a 1-10 scale

RPE 1–2: Very easy; you can talk with zero effort
RPE 3: Easy; talking is almost normal
RPE 4: Moderately easy; talking is easy
RPE 5: Moderate; talking is a bit harder but still very doable
RPE 6: Moderately hard; you might have to stop talking in between sentences to catch your breath
RPE 7: Difficult; you can still talk but it’s no longer easy
RPE 8: Very difficult; very tough to talk
RPE 9: Very very difficult; you aren’t talking at all
RPE 10: Maximum effort; you are winded


Treadmill workout 1 is 25 minutes of interval training. Download your PDF copy here.

treadmill running charts

Treadmill workout 2 is 45 minutes of interval training. Download your PDF copy here.

treadmill running charts

Have fun with these workouts and change them up as you need to. For a tougher workout, simply up the incline. In fact, these workouts should be done on a 0.5-1% incline.


Do you have a favourite treadmill workout?


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