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6 Best Exercises For Runners

6 Best Exercises For Runners

6 best exercises for runners

6 best exercises for runners. I know, I know it’s summer and all you want to do is throw your runners on, crank up the tunes and let the wind hit your hair. Before you go running out the door, however, take some time to include  strength training exercises and you’ll see how much faster and longer you’ll be able to run.

6 best exercises for runners


Bridge. Targets the glutes which are a large muscle group and often forgotten by runners, but they are part of your powerhouse and should always be remembered. Lying on your back, feet flat on the floor and hip distance apart, lift your pelvis straight up toward the ceiling without arching your back. Hold for 25 seconds while squeezing those glutes and release. Repeat 10x. To make this more challenging, lift one leg in the air but keep those hips level.

Donkey kicks. Targets: hip flexors, quadriceps, gluteus maximus. Start on all fours (abdominals engaged, shoulders down) with your hands beneath your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. Bend your right leg so that your heel is reaching for the ceiling and your thigh is parallel to the floor. Keeping your leg bent at a 90 degree angle, gently pulse your leg upward 20x. Lower your leg and repeat. You should feel a burn in your glutes. Do 10 sets on each leg.

Fire hydrant. Targets: gluteus medius. Starting in the same position as above, lift your right leg sideways but keep it bent. This exercise can be tricky because you’ll want to bend your body, so try to keep it still which will target only your glutes. When you’ve lifted your leg as high as it will go without rotating your body, do 20 small pulses at the top. Lower your leg and repeat. Do 10 sets on each leg.

Explosive lunges. Targets:  glutes, quadriceps, calves. explosive lunges. You’ll start in a lunge position, push off your front or back foot and come into a balance, then hold it for 10 seconds and return to the start. Do 15 reps on each leg. If you need more of a challenge, try standing on an uneven surface with the working leg.

Side step squats. Targets: glutes, quadriceps, calves. Similar to explosive lunges but this time you’ll start standing with your feet hip width apart. Step out to one side with your right leg, bending your knee into a lunge position. Do 15 reps on each leg. For a greater challenge, try landing your working leg on a BOSU ball.

Plank. Targets: whole body, especially abdominals.  A plank can be done two ways. You’ll either have your hands on the floor directly below your shoulder (classic push up position), or if that’s too much weight on your wrists then simply rest on your forearms. Have the feeling that your head is lengthening away from your heels. Keeping your abdominals engaged, try not to tense up your body. Work your way up to holding this position for 60 seconds.

6 best exercises for runners

It’s not about starting a whole new workout routine, and you don’t even need to go to the gym for these exercises, but try adding them to your overall fitness for the next few weeks and see how much easier the running will get. Remember too, that these exercises target large, powerful muscles and are great for any sport you do.

Do you have a running specific workout?



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