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Can I Lose Weight And Still Eat Sweets

Can I Lose Weight And Still Eat Sweets

can i lose weight and still eat sweets
Can I lose weight and still eat sweets. Everyone has their own tricks to diets and losing weight and cheat days are quite popular. I have to admit that I’ve never been a fan of cheat days. They don’t work for me because I always wind up overeating. I also don’t really understand the point because what am I supposed to do the rest of my week, deprive myself? Personally, I’d rather stick to a sensible eating plan that includes the occasional sweets or full fat foods.
can i lose weight and still eat sweets


Incorporate the foods you love. If you are always restricting yourself and only eating the foods that you “should” be eating then you’ll stray before you know it. Depriving yourself of all the foods you want is a diet killer. Now let’s be reasonable, I’m certainly not saying that all you should do is over-indulge in everything you are craving at that exact moment, but having one slice of cheesy pizza, for example, with a plate full of vegetables is not so bad. Just don’t have three slices.. Then add an extra 10 minutes to your workouts that week. This also applies to eating carbs. It’s way too often that I hear people saying they are swearing off carbs. Why? Remember, not all carbs are created equal. For more on Carbs and Weight Loss read this.

Make it worth your while. Enjoy the foods you love. I’d much rather have a small piece of decadent cake than a bowl of candy that tastes okay, but I don’t really really love. My theory is that if it’s going to be “bad” for me then I’d better enjoy it. When I can look forward to a really scrumptious desert then bypassing something just for the sake of mindlessly eating it is really quite an easy choice.

Keep the portions small. This is all about making smart choices and not overdoing it. No food should be off limits, but you also don’t need to eat everything in one sitting or in one day. Spread it out so that you can enjoy your indulgences over time.

Make it beautiful. The problem with over eating is that it’s usually a mindless exercise in stuffing your face. Presentation is everything, so pull out the fancy china once in a while and take your time, away from distractions and savour your favourite indulgence. Let it be a feast for all of your senses.

Plan ahead. While it’s always easier to stick with healthy options when you are at home and have full control of your ingredients, it’s also possible to not go overboard in restaurants. Take a moment to scan the menu (I often do this online from home and have even vetoed restaurants because there was nothing on the menu that I felt I could eat) and plan out your meal. Is there a desert that you just cannot resist? Okay, in that case choose a healthier option for your main meal or substitute it with a starter.
can i lose weight and still eat sweets

Snacking and enjoying a diversity of foods is all about compromise. You give a little, like spending some extra time at the gym or foregoing that extra glass of wine and you take a little, like enjoying a decadent brownie with dinner. Don’t obsess, but pay attention to what you are eating to create a balance you can live with in the long term.

What are your favourite indulgences?

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