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20 Minute Workout By FitWise

20 Minute Workout By FitWise

20 minute workout by FitWise. Due to the popularity of the first 20 Minute workout which you can find here: I’ve decided to give you another one. Feel free to mix and match the workouts or even just do one or two exercises if that that’s all the time you have. Just, try to make an effort do do something every single day.


20 minute workout by fitwise

Push Ups. Push ups are a fabulous exercise for toning the whole body quickly and effectively. Remember to go slow and breathe and when you absolutely can’t do another one, drop your knees to the floor and continue. Do as many as you can.

Sit Ups. There are many variations for these, but for the purpose of this workout, we are going to do a classic oblique exercise. Lying on your back with your feet hip distance flat on the floor or with your knees bent and your feet 90 degrees off the floor, start by placing your hands behind your head. Slowly curl your torso off the floor and rotate it to one side, then the other and then return back to the floor. Focus on just moving your upper body and not engaging your glutes and legs.  Do this set 20 times.

Squats. Give those glutes a burn with a classic squat (you can also to this with your back against the wall). Standing with your feet flat on the floor, toes pointed forward and a little bit wider than hip width apart, bend your knees without collapsing your body or lifting your heels off the floor. Go as low as you can and repeat 15x.

Bench Press. This one is a classic. Lying on your back on an exercise bench, table or a ball, keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and ensure that your back isn’t arching. Lower the weights toward your chest and press them up to the ceiling. Use as much weight as you can and aim for 12 reps. Having a spotter for this exercise is a good idea. If you don’t have free weights you can also use water jugs.

Rond de Jamb. Lying on your side, lift your leg about 12 inches into the air and without moving your torso, do small circles. Do 10 circles clockwise and 10 circles anti-clockwise on each leg. If this is easy, take it up a notch. Start by kneeling on your right knee with your right hand on the floor beneath your shoulder. Lift your left leg up so that it is in line with your body and do your circles in the air, 10 on each leg.

Arm Raises. Standing on the center of your band (or holding free weights) engage your abdominals and  slowly lift your arms up to shoulder height. Take a breath and slowly lower them to your start position.  Remember to keep your shoulders down. Do 3 sets of 15 reps each. You can also reach your arms straight out in front of you. For an even more complete arm workout alternate arm lifts.

Single Leg Stretch.  Lying on your back start with your head and shoulders curled up off the floor and your legs bent and at 90 degrees off the floor. Inhale, then as you exhale straighten your right leg. Your right arm will touch your left knee and your left arm will reach toward your left ankle. Inhale and repeat on the other side. Don’t stress too much if the arm sequence is confusing. I like to teach this exercise with both hands lifted toward the ceiling. Modifications: Do this while holding a ball. If you find this hurting your neck, just place your upper body on the floor. The workout will be just as good, you are simply working slightly different abdominal muscles. Repeat with each leg 10x.

Follow this up by doing a nice luxuriating stretch of your choice.

If you love the workout then why not check out my book FitWise, where you’ll find more workouts and health tips!

20 minute workout from fitwise


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