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YSL: Top Secret


YSL. Last year I purchased a  YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy lipstick in Luscious Cherry. It was perfect for spring summer, not too much colour but nice and bright. I’m really picky about texture and so I’m not a fan of anything too sticky, hence why I stay away from most glosses. The Rouge Volupte goes on smoothly, I can control the intensity of the colour and it’s very hydrating which in my book makes it perfect for daytime. This year I’ve found myself wearing more pink so it’s quite obvious that in addition to the red I need a pink shade as well. I dropped by the YSL cosmetics counter and was immediately drawn to Rouge Volupte No.5 Fuchsia in Excess. It appears to be a very bright pink in the tube but because it’s a sheer, I can control exactly how much I want. One detail that has never been a huge factor, but is a really nice addition, is the scent of these lipsticks. I have no idea what is added to the product but they kind of smell like candy!


While I was at the counter I noticed that my eyes were looking very tired from a whole day of sitting in front of a computer screen. The makeup artist whipped out the YSL Top Secret Flash Touch Wake-Up Eye care roll-on and applied it under my eyes. What are they thinking labeling this top secret?! Everyone needs to know about it. I felt the cooling sensation, closed my eyes and suddenly the world faded out of existence. The harsh fluorescent lights disappeared, the department store noise died into a soft breeze. How is it that it isn’t mandatory for every single female to have this product in her purse?!  Talk about a spur of the moment purchase. I’m going on a trip to Europe next week and I’ve decided that I absolutely cannot leave home without it!

Do you use YSL cosmetics? Do you love them?

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