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How To Style Sneakers

How To Style Sneakers


How to style sneakers

How to style sneakers. I’ve always been a high heels kinda girl. The higher the better, in my opinion. I love how long and lean a leg looks in a pair of pumps. I love that your whole body needs to adjust,  how suddenly you are forced to throw your shoulders back and lengthen your spine. Frankly wearing a stunning pair of heels makes me feel powerful and like I can’t be stopped.  My love of sneakers, however, has been growing of late. Maybe it’s because I trek over cobblestones every day or perhaps it’s because I don’t need to dress up for work, but I’ve discovered that a great pair of converse is almost (almost) as fun as a fabulous heel.

how to style sneakers for sightseeing


How to style sneakers

While I wish that I could wear heels all day long that’s just not possible, so I often turn to my trusty cream-in-the-summer, navy-in-the-fall converse, as they can go with most of my casual day to day outfits. When I choose a neutral shoe then I like to add some prints to the rest of my outfit. In this case, I would pair them with a flirty skirt and a fun colourful top. My favourite tote would complete the outfit for day.

On weekends, when I might be doing a lot of sightseeing I crave something a little different. This is when I might reach for some leopard print or patterned sneakers. Since I never know where I might be, this is when I might pair them with a pair of denim cutoffs or boyfriend jeans and a comfy t-shirt. Of course, I never leave home without my favourite-fits-everything-I-might-need cross body bag.

Another great way to wear sneakers is to pair them with some bright skinny jeans. You can never go wrong with a pair of slip-on shoes, although I prefer laces. Besides, there are so many options for how to lace your sneakers (think top two holes undone) that you can easily change up your look. With all the amazing sneaker stores popping up on every corner, you are sure to find a style that fits you best!

What’s your favourite way to style sneakers?

Some ideas on how to style sneakers

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