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Best Dresses For Summer At Fine Finds

Best Dresses For Summer At Fine Finds


best dresses for summer

Best dresses for summer. A few days ago I showed you guys a great store, Fine Finds. This is my go to place whenever I’m looking for fabulous gifts but of course I also drop in every so often to snag great things for myself. I wanted to show you everything in the first post, but out of sheer necessity I had to split it up because this lovely boutique is not just about jewelry, they have clothing and bags and hats and scarves and and and……  So many wonderful things for the eyes to see! With our thoughts slowly turning to spring, or wait, rather with everyone’s thoughts firmly planted on spring, I found some lovely things that I’m definitely eying.

They definitely have the best dresses for summer. I love the simplicity and shape of this dress. I always find this classic cut to be the most flattering for my body. Also, it is a nice structured cotton so it will travel well and not wrinkle. Still debating the purchase but I’m strongly leaning towards it. I think this dress can easily be paired with flats or wedges for day and some great heels for night. I could probably get away with wearing it for many future events. Maybe even with a crisp jacket for a more business-y meeting? The more I look at it the more I think it needs a place in my closet.

best dresses for summer

This dress was a bit of an unexpected find. I really love the colour, it’s one of those lovely shades that just seems to work with pretty much everybody’s skin tone. Again, it seems that it would be perfect for summer and fairly versatile too. The scary part of this piece are the cutouts on the sides….gulp. I guess it would definitely force me to keep up with those 10 km runs that I’ve been doing. Not such a bad thing but I’m not sure I can handle the pressure.

best dresses for summer

Of course I’m always in desperate need of a tutu…… I think these were in the kids section but they are just so cute that I had to include them. I mean really who doesn’t need a tutu?!

best dresses for summer

Of course, as many of you know, it’s humanly impossible for me to walk by a bag without stopping for a look. Sooo I’m reasoning that if I get a new dress then I must also need a new bag right? The taupe one, hanging on the left, looks perfect for spring. It will fit all of my things and it’s not black… A nice neutral tone which can carry me through the summer and into fall. Ha! Now I’m just getting ahead of myself.

These are my suggestions for the best dresses for summer. Which one would you choose?

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